Why Shiny Seas

Why Use a Travel Agent?

15 Reasons why Shiny Seas is your best option while visiting the Bahamas

  1. Best value for your dollar: We know how hard you to work for every penny and so we make sure that the packages we offer are at the best rates and you are well informed of all the expenses so you are prepared.
  2. Trust: We are not anonymous; we are not just a voice on the other end of the phone. We are your local travel planners and we believe in transparency.
  3. Pre-Planned trip: We save you the trouble of worrying about anything by planning everything, from the tickets and car rentals to the accommodation and activities. We’ve got you covered.
  4. Personalized Service: This is your vacation and we want every aspect of it to feel like it. Let us know what you want, and we will get you the best of it.
  5. Variety of Choices: Whether it’s a hotel you’re particular about or a certain package type, we have enough options to cover all that you expect from your trip.
  6. Expertise:  We are experts in understanding and deciphering exactly how the system works and have learnt the right way to take complete advantage of it.
  7. Professional advice: We have years of experience visiting the Bahamas, and want you to experience the best of it.
  8. Saving Time: We have all the information at the tip of our fingers. Whatever you need we can have it ready in no time. Why should your vacation have to wait for anyone?
  9. Constant Guidance: We are here to cater to any concerns that you may face before or during the trip. We want to make it as comfortable for you as we can.
  10. Unbiased: We cater to your needs not the vendors. We will get you the best offers and rates according to your requirements and not those of the suppliers.
  11. Building a Relationship: We want to build a relationship, form a tradition that keeps you coming back every time.
  12. Customer Satisfaction: Having had a lot of happy customers, we are looking to make a lot more dream vacations a reality in the best way possible.
  13. Our USP: We don’t just sell packages; we sell memories and experiences, ones that last a lifetime.
  14. Ease: We offer complete ease in the process of booking to make your vacation planning as stress free as possible.
  15. CLIA: We are a CLIA accredited company, making us a trustworthy company in your travel endeavors.