The Shiny Seas Offer

The Shiny Seas Offer

We understand that even though the sound of a free giveaway is always music to your ears, it also raises a lot of questions. We have tried our best to answer most of them, feel free to get in touch in case of more queries.


What is the Shiny Seas Giveaway?

The Shiny seas giveaway is a free Bahamas vacation that is organized and curated by us, and can be used by you at any time as per your convenience. Provided you’ve won of course.


How are the winners chosen?

We set up raffle distributions all across the country. You fill in your details and through a random selection, our lucky winners are chosen to enjoy a free Bahamas vacation to the exotic paradise.


Is this a scam? What do we gain offering free Bahamas vacation trips to the Bahamas?

This is definitely not a scam. We realize that there have been negative Shiny seas reviews online but rest assured they aren’t true. A lot of our lucky draw winners tend to mark this as a scam due to some nominal charges that are necessary to carry forward the process of your booking. Had they travelled with us, they’d know it is as legit as it gets.

We offer these free Bahamas vacation in order to build a relationship with you. What we gain is a chance to become your family’s regular tradition. We offer one free trip to show you the best of everything you can experience if you book a holiday with us, thereby keeping you coming back for more and telling your friends about what a great time you had.

Sounds fair enough right?


How can we be trusted?

We are a very open organization and transparent with all our bookings and other information. When in doubt, just ask. We make sure we are available for all your queries at all times. Even when you’re on vacation, we aren’t. We are here to ensure that all your bookings and appointments go as planned. Providing security and safety is at utmost priority when you travel with us.


How are we so sure that you’ll have a good time you ask?

Our team has over 30 years of experience in traveling to the Grand Bahama Islands. We have discovered the best restaurants, tourist spots and shopping locations to give you a wholesome feel of the exotic paradise. A complete pre planned itinerary along with the convenience of our agent being just a call away is our way of ensuring that you have the time of your life.


Are you wondering what we are offering to keep you coming back for more?

Well, when we aren’t busy planning free Bahamas vacation, our team is dedicated to compiling the best Bahamas vacation packages with an affordable cruise option keeping in mind the various budget windows. Our various packages include 3 star to 5 star hotels and resorts, with several adventure activities and a luxury cruise experience, all at a steal in accordance with your wishes.

We aim to please!