A Getaway to Paradise

Unwind and relax under the tropical sun while you cruise through shiny seas 😉

While on vacation, we believe you should feel free from all the stress of work and everything that comes with it, take in the soothing sound of the waves while you enjoy the warm breeze of the sea. That’s not all, enjoy unlimited food and ofcourse drinks (hydration, you see) including the famous Bahamas mamas’.

The cruise is available all through the week at flexible travel dates to suit your schedule. It departs from the islands at 7p.m giving you one extra day to take in all that you can one last time, and arrives at 6 a.m, which is plenty of time before you catch your flight back home.

Just because you’re on your way back from the islands does not mean that your vacation is over. On board there are live music gigs and several entertainment shows that keep the holiday spirit going. The ship is big and can host up to 1900 passengers, spread over 7 spacious decks and has enough activities for every single person to enjoy whether you are 8 or 80.


Entertainment and Activities

The MV Grand Celebration is complete with all the luxuries you’d expect from a cruise and more. It has several restaurants and lounges, a fully functional spa and so many activities and entertainment options, you won’t have a single free minute while you’re on board. It also sports a Casino on Ship with several tables and slot machines with all the games one would want.

The restaurants and lounges have live music in every genre with a non-stop supply of food and custom made cocktails that you’d enjoy. The spa is set up for you to let off some steam after all the dancing. It offers massages, a hair salon, the works.

The cruise ship also has pools and a Jacuzzi and supervised play areas for the kids to enjoy while you’re at a bar savoring our unique cocktails. The play areas for kids are complete with gaming consoles and arcade games keeping the younger ones occupied.

Other amenities include:
ship amenities


Affordable Luxurious Cruise to Bahamas

The idea associated with a cruise is leisure and luxury, and the best of that is offered by us when you travel to the Bahamas. While it may take you less than an hour to get to the Bahamas, we want to take it slow so you can take in the view and enjoy all that we have in store for you.

The MV Celebration is a surprisingly affordable luxurious cruise to the Bahamas given all the fantastic amenities it has on board. From several bars and lounges to live music of every genre, you’ll have enough to keep you occupied through the journey. It also has an on board theatre with new acts and talent shows daily, variety galore.

With an in-house Las Vegas style casino, for those of you who like to take their chance with the gorgeous lady luck, the MV Celebration casino hosts a variety of games from black jack to roulette with multiple slot machines to keep you entertained.

As far as the little ones are concerned, there are supervised areas dedicated to take care of them while you spend some quality time with your partner. The kids areas are complete with gaming consoles, an arcade and other adventure activities giving them a chance to mingle and have a good time.

Other activities on the ship include:

Booking Travel to the Bahamas

Passengers can choose options to stay two, four or six nights. You’re Shiny Seas travel expert will help you choose beach resorts within your budget, including all-inclusive resort options. Booking your Bahamas getaway is affordable, and easy.

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