Vacations should be a relaxing, unforgettable experience but it may also be a drag if you don’t plan. To ensure that your vacation is memorable and fun Shiny Seas, the Bahamas, vacation cruise experts, have put some helpful tips for travelers. First and foremost you should chose those you vacation with to be people you enjoy. You are planning a great Bahamas vacation, but sometimes plans go sideways and you may be left with a real Negative Nancy. So remember the friends that always make you laugh and smile before booking your trip.

Travel with someone you not only enjoy company with, but who shares the same interests as you. There’s nothing worse than a vacation packed full of activities that your friends are not interested in participating. Traveling alone can be easier in that way, but you’ll want a support system to keep your spirits up in case something happens to your itinerary. Lines at the airport, overbooked hotels, and seasickness on your Bahamas cruise may be just the beginning, so bring a laughing partner to keep the mood joyous.

Make Room For Baggage


Keep in mind your preplanned activities when packing your suitcase. If you know you will be exploring several cities and hotels throughout the island, pack light so you don’t have to trudge heavy luggage around. It’s important to think through all these scenarios when packing even things such as laundry facilities, rural areas away from the city, or all day excursions. Bring only what you can easily carry.

Do you know if your activities require cash only? It’s a good idea to keep cash on you at all times, enough to get you through a day of play. Don’t keep your cash in suitcases or anything that will be left during activities, set down, or easily accessible.

Tips From The Shiny Seas Experts

The experts at Shiny Seas cruises wish you a safe and joyous trip to the Bahamas. With these tips and Shiny Seas scam advice you will have saved time, money and unnecessary tears to plan your days in the Bahamas. The cruises offer the protection of a nice place to rest your head with the wonders of the open blue waters. Shiny Seas takes the stresses out of your vacation cruise so you can enjoy a wonderful island lifestyle, if only for the week.