Things to do at the beach with your little ones

The beach is always a fascinating place for a kid. The sand, the waves, people everywhere, all of it is an exciting sight to them. So when you’re at the Bahamas, and you stumble upon one of the several hundred beaches, don’t worry, we have listed down a few activities you can indulge your little one in while you soak in the sun.

Building sandcastles:

Let’s be honest, there is never an age for sand castles. Everyone likes building them, some more than others. It is the best distraction for kids, a fun one too. Sandcastles of all sizes, host a competition for your kids, let them indulge in some quality architecture for some time.

Ice cream:

The savior in any situation. Shower your kids with some ice cream. A sugar rush isn’t always a bad thing plus will keep them active enough to explore the beach and potentially interact with some other kids on a sugar rush

Beach ball:

Volley ball, beach soccer, kick ball, name a sport involving a ball you cannot play on the beach. Who doesn’t like a little running around in the soft sand. That’s what summer is all about right?


Summers and beaches, perfect time and location for a lovely family picnic. Just get a nice mat, pack some delicious sandwiches and juices (a beer if you like) and relax under the warm sun while you enjoy some quality time with your family.

Collect shells:

Adam Sandler had the right idea in the movie ‘Spanglish’, have your kids collect different types of shells and promise them a tiny price for each shell they collect. It is going to keep them occupied all afternoon, giving you enough time to get the perfect tan and sip in a couple of mimosas