Say “I do” in paradise

Have you ever imagined yourself in a white gown in front of a dreamy view celebrating the biggest part of your life? Of course you have, unless you’re the groom, in which case, this isn’t your day anyway, just stand back and soak in the serenity of the beautiful blue seas and exotic islands.

Welcome to Paradise!!

The Grand Bahamas Islands have become an iconic destination for weddings, with a large number of intimate and lavish ceremonies taking place on a daily basis. As if being a romantic getaway wasn’t enough, the Bahamas have now become a wedding central for couples looking for the perfect destination wedding and honeymoon. Although every part of the island has its own peculiar qualities to offer, here are the most popular destinations that hear the wedding bells more often than others.

The Atlantis Paradise Islands:

Being the most popular destination for weddings in the Bahamas, the Atlantis is a beautiful spot to share the most memorable event of your life with your friends and family. If it is a grand celebration you are looking for you’ll find it at the Atlantis Islands. Offering a number of customizable options and over 20 venues for the wedding and reception along with top tier accommodation, this would undoubtedly be a party you wouldn’t forget.

Meliá Nassau Beach:

Stretched over a 1000- foot- stretch of beachfront , the Meliá Nassau Beach is another very popular wedding location. The Meliá is a 4 star hotel that is famous for it’s remarkable event arrangements, friendly staff and exotic view. The hotel provides endless activities to keep you and your guests occupied during and after the wedding. The 7 acres of stunning waterscape is an additional perk of choosing this fabulous venue for your special day.

The Sandy Toes, Rose Island:

If you’re one with the fantasy of getting married on a private beach, this is the spot. Sandy toes are known for their extremely creative decorations and breathtaking views. There are several packages for you to choose from, all catering to your custom needs; after all it is your day. Enjoy the perfect beach wedding at the sandy toes, with a delicious cake, an insane venue and a view that will leave you speechless.

So if you’re planning to get married sometime soon and have still not found your venue, you’re welcome. Turn your honeymoon location into a destination for your wedding, can’t get better than this.