Apart from being a playground for the rich and famous, the Bahamas is a treasure chest of culture and beauty. Encompassing 700 islands and more than 2,000 small cays sprinkled across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this tropical paradise lies only 80 kilometers from Florida at its closest point. Having had an interesting history with pirates and loyalists, it is now known for its fantastic adventure activities and tourist attractions.

What makes Bahamas the perfect getaway is the complete package it offers right from the travel to the destination itself. We have listed out a few things that you would not want to miss out if you were planning a trip to the Great Bahama islands.

The Paradise Islands

Famously known as the Hog islands, the paradise islands are one of the most sought after locations for their serene beaches. The home of the friendly swimming pigs is definitely an attraction for all the passersby to just lay back, relax and interact with the cute animals. This aside, the Paradise islands is also The spot for aqua venture sports offered by the Atlantic hotels, complete with underwater slides, more than 20 swimming areas, and of course a long lazy river.

Exuma cays and Sea parks

The Exuma cays and Sea parks are a treat to the eyes. The park hosts a huge variety of marine life along with some of the most stunning seascapes in the Bahamas. It is a hotspot for divers and people with a liking for boating. The clear turquoise blue waters are a great motivation to enter the seas. On a good day the visibility goes up to almost 30feet deep which is not something you get to see in any other beach in the world.

Port Lucaya market place

The most famous spot to pick up your souvenirs or the perfect attire to help you fit into the local look is right here in the capital. This market place offers a variety of unique things that you would find only in the Bahamas all from straw baskets to beautiful jewelry. Why just take pictures when you can take a part of the island with you.

Harbour Islands

Just when you think that there is no way there could be something unique about each island of the 700 found in the Bahamas, you come across one like the Harbour islands. What’s unique here? The beaches. It is one of the only beaches in the world to have pink sand. Strange but beautiful. The color is caused by microorganisms with pink or red shell that die and wash up on the beach over the years. So if you visit the Bahamas, this beach just a day away from Nassau, definitely not something you should miss.

The Travel

The journey to get somewhere is usually one of the most fun parts of any vacation. But when you go to the Bahamas you can have fun while you travel in style. With several luxury cruises making its way to the Bahamas daily, it is impossible for you to find one that is just right for you, complete with all the basic facilities and so much more.

So if all this hasn’t convinced you already to come see the Grand Bahamas yet, get in touch with us, We’re sure we’ll get you on board.