When you’re visiting a place for the first time, you have everything planned. What you need to buy and all that has to be picked is listed down so that you don’t feel ill-equipped in a new city. So why feel completely lost when you get there?

The Bahamas islands are the most exotic getaway locations in the world. We have made you a short list so that you don’t miss out on the few things that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

What to see?

Dean’s blue hole:

One of the deepest blue holes in the world with a depth of 663 ft and an inner diameter of almost 330 ft is a beautiful sight. The water is clear and on a good day can give visibility of up to 115 ft depth. The beautiful marine life and corals makes it come alive. A diver’s paradise indeed.

The SS Sapona:

The SS Sapona or what’s left of it is a big attraction for thrill seekers and scuba divers. The wreck of a cargo steamer that ran aground in 1926 is a popular dive site and a navigational landmark. Before the WWII the steamer was used to practice target shooting which gives its now concrete ridden wooden walls and eerie look. A unique site that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

The great Isaac lighthouse:

If you like scary stories and spooky places, this is the spot for you. The great Isaac lighthouse was built to help sailors from getting lost in the infamous Bermuda triangle. It is the spot where three major water bodies namely the Grand Bahamas Bank, the Straits of Florida and the Northwest Providence Channel making it a very unique piece of land. It is now abandoned and can be reached by boat, but is definitely an experience like no other.

What to eat?

Conch and its delicacies:

Cracked conch: Most of us know a conch just for the sound of the waves that we hear holding it close to our ears. Little did we know it makes for a delicious meal as well.  It is cooked like breaded veal and tastes great. A must try.

Conch salad: Look for this ceviche-style dish that serves uncooked conch doused in a spicy pepper and citrus sauce. It is often mixed with tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and celery. Healthy and delicious.

Bahamian Stew Fish

When in the Bahamas you must try the Bahamian Stew Fish, a dark roux combined with spices, tomato, celery, and onion to make a thick red sauce that is served over a partially pan-fried catch of the day. A unique burst of flavors that you don’t want to miss.

Pigeon Peas and Rice:

Often served as a side to Bahamian fare, pigeon peas and rice is a classic dish most commonly made from pork, pigeon peas (a staple bean of the Caribbean and Latin America), celery, rice, tomatoes, and thyme. This isn’t a dish you would get to taste anywhere else. So when on the island make sure you try this.