Do you love dreaming about exotic beaches? Miles and miles of smooth, powdery sand, the gentle sway of giant coconut palms and the sublime ocean with its dreamy hues of blue! If you do dream about divine beaches like that, chances are that you are dreaming of the Bahamas. This beach city is nothing short of a paradise for ocean lovers. With dozens of absolutely stunning beaches, a rocking nightlife and several other tourist places, the Bahamas is your ultimate vacation spot if you happen to enjoy the beach culture. Think fishing, boating, snorkeling or a cozy, romantic getaway by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Still thinking of things to do at Grand Bahama Island? We have compiled a list of top five places in the Grand Bahama that you simply cannot miss out on.

Freeport, Grand Bahamas: Your Bahamas vacation is bound to remain incomplete without experiencing the exciting Freeport Bahamas activities. This is a spot where you will find everything that you could ever wish for in your sea-side sojourn. The fishing capital of the Bahamas, you will be stunned by the bounty of colorful marine life found in Freeport.

Taino Beach: One of the top things to do at Grand Bahama Island is to explore the majestic Taino beach. The quaint, picturesque seaside town, coming with a unique blend of modern amenities and a peaceful old world charm- offers a bit of everything for everyone. Spend your day sunbathing at the dreamy, pearl-white beaches or explore the sleepy fishing villages interacting with jovial locals.

Gold Rock beach: This is the port-of-call for all outdoor-lovers! One of the best things to do at Grand Bahama islands is to plan a trip to Gold Rock beach. Nicely decked with fancy picnic furniture, this place is famous for its seafood restaurants and other food stalls. From crunchy conch fritters and shrimp salads to spicy snappers, the scenic tables by the sea will satiate your hunger for both great food and a panoramic view of the gorgeous low-tide shoreline.

Garden of the groves: For those seeking a tranquil getaway and some quality time of sheer relaxation amidst lush tropical greenery, there could be nothing better than the Garden of the Groves. A beautiful earthly yard with shaded pathways, exotic plants, and fragrant flowers, there’s nothing about this pastel-shaded grove that you can’t love!

Lucayan national park: To round off to your Freeport Bahamas activities itinerary, go exploring the magnificent Lucayan national park, which is home to the famous, sprawling underwater cave system. Arrange for a fun picnic by the park here and enjoy a marvelous sunset as the golden afterglow smoothly melts into the green-blue hues of the tropical kaleidoscope.