When you’re visiting a new place, you usually expect a complete tourist experience. Seeing the hottest spots and taking in the best of all that the city or in this case, the islands have to offer. If this is your first trip to the Bahamas, feel free to check out every tourist spot in town. But if it is the true essence of the exotic islands you seek, here are a few ways you can walk through the streets confidently like any other local.

Get used to the colorful buildings:

The Bahamas sports some of the most colorful buildings, from green, to pink, yellow and blue, you’d find a variety of beautiful pastel color buildings each with their own story to tell. Each building has a unique history, an interesting anecdote for you to take back when you return from your trip

Talk to the people:

The easiest way to feel like a local is by talking to one. The People of the island are very friendly, they love to show you around, point you in the direction of the best restaurants, shopping places etc. Hanging out with a Bahamian person gives you a first-hand experience into what their culture is like.

Rose island:

20 mins sail from Paradise Islands, lies a completely different world. One of the less popular beaches among tourists but a peaceful abode to the locals it is a beautiful island, it is a great spot for snorkeling and other activities.

Indulge in the local delicacies:

While at St. George’s Wharf, you may want to visit Lukka Kairi, a popular waterfront restaurant, with the best of the island’s famous dishes, from cracked conch to fried fish, it is a great place to try them for the first time, you wouldn’t be disappointed. The restaurant also has a massive mural that gives a detailed history of the island. What more could you need.

Visit the Ardastra Gardens:

The ardastra gardens is a tropical sanctuary with animals. Although famous for being a zoo, its more of a place to enjoy the beautiful flora in the company of monkeys, meerkats and majestic peacocks. The park also hosts a marching flamingos shows that is a sight to see, and bird watching areas giving you a chance to interact with some of the most exotic species of birds.