The Bahamas sport a tropical climate throughout the year, there aren’t too many season in this part of the world. Chances are that you’re going to feel the heat no matter what time of the year you choose to visit the islands, might as well know the right way to beat it. Being a hotspot for tourist and a hot spot in general, the islands offer a large variety of mocktails and cocktails including the famous Bahamas Mamas to keep you cool, but let’s be honest nothing says summer other than a chilled mug of beer. Here is a guide to all the breweries you should try when the sun gets too much.

Pirate Republic Brewing Co:

The Pirates have been associated with the Bahamas since forever, the island itself has a rich history with Pirates and this brewery has managed to keep up the Legacy. Just like the pirates in the older days, these ones rule the island. The Pirate Republic Brewing Co. is the only brewery in all of the islands to serve craft beer and therefore is right on top of the list.  The beer here includes Island Pirate Ale, Gold & Haze of Piracy, Captain Kidd’s Kolsch etc. The beers are refreshing and range from Indian Pale ale to Belgium Whit.


Kalik is the iconic sound of a cowbell that is synonymous with the Junkanoo festival and is an important symbol for the Bahamians, giving their most famous beer the unique name. These beers offer distinct malt flavors with varying levels of alcohol and taste best when paired with the conch salsad or some delicious crab and rice.

The Bahamian Brewery:

The USP of this brewery is that it prides itself in being the only brewer offering true Bahamian flavors. Ranging from sands beer, sands light, strong black stout and High rock lager, this beers here a true reflection of the special Bahamian water and uniqueness of the islands similar to the sun, sea and “sands”