This Bahamas vacation is a BYOB (Bring your own Boat) party

The Bahamas is one of the most sought after boating and sailing locations. It’s a given that the sparkling waters and warm sun make a perfect combination for sailors everywhere to want to spend their days here. However it’s not the only the Bahamas is such a popular location among the boating enthusiasts. Here are some of the many reasons that the Caribbean maintains its lure over those looking to take their boats for a ride.

An endless list of destinations:

The Grand Bahamas are home to over 700 islands and 2000 cays. Say you decide to set sail from Florida port on your private boat; it would take you months to visit every single one of them. Each island or cay has it’s unique characteristics and attractive qualities that keep all the sailors keep coming back for more. Needless to say, it is a treasure chest for anyone looking to experience something extremely exciting.


Although the Bahamas are a collection of archipelagos, not of all them are inhabited, and definitely are not a hot tourist destination like the popular Exuma cays or Nassau county. Making the other lesser known islands the perfect spot for people who want to spend some quality time with a loved one on a secluded, private island. You have the liberty to fish, roam the exotic paradise and even just relax without the loud noises or overcrowded places bumming you out. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


If you live in Florida, then the Bahamas is not more than 50 miles away, making it a favorite weekend destination for most boat owners. The closest port being Bimini islands is very inviting to independent tourists and is a quaint yet luxurious place to spend your short trip at. You can always reroute your boat to a more popular spot, you’re in control after all. If you live in Miami or close to Fort Lauderdale, you can head to Abacos in no time for a quick trip.

The Grand Bahamas Islands are one of the most famous spots for tourists from all around the world. Their gates are open to anyone who’s looking to have a good time. So if a cruise full of unknown people is not your thing, grab your boat, a couple of your buds and sail into the Caribbean seas for an experience you’ll never forget.