Cruise to the Bahamas in Style

Best Bahamas Trip Travel AgencyGet out on the open water and see how life on the ocean can erase your worries. Experience the warm, balmy air and the gentle rise and fall of the sea. Our cruises to the Bahamas are overnight, so you can really soak in sea life.

Our cruise boats have much to offer in the entertainment department. Live music, excellent food, swimming pools and nightly shows are just the beginning. Shop, lounge, or just stare out over the water and enjoy the views.

Travel dates are extremely flexible, with departures happening almost every day! Travel by cruise overnight, enjoy the cruise amenities, and arrive in the morning to the Bahamas. From there, grab a taxi to your hotel and start enjoying the islands.


The MV Grand Celebration

Your cruise boat is a luxurious way to travel. While it would take you less than an hour to get to the Bahamas at full speed, we take our time so that you can really soak in the experience. After all, you are on vacation!

On board, you’ll find various bars and lounges offering live music in many genres, and entertainment that features new acts and talents daily, so you’ll never grow tired of the same show.

If you like to create your own entertainment, enjoy gambling fun at the large on-ship casino. The casino features several table games, and slot machines.

Not sure where to leave the kids? The accommodations include a kids-only club with arcade gaming, gaming consoles and various activities. There are many amenities and activities aboard the ship including:

 Bahamas Hotels and Beach Resorts


Booking Travel to the Bahamas

Passengers can choose options to stay two, four or six nights. You’re Shiny Seas travel expert will help you choose beach resorts within your budget, including all-inclusive resort options. Booking your best Caribbean getaway is affordable, and easy.

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