Things to do in the Bahamas

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Wondering what places to see in the Bahamas? When you go on any vacation, you don’t want to miss the best destinations. We have compiled a list of the top five best recreation and outdoor activities in the Bahamas.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park


The Exumas are an archipelago of beautiful islands, about 365 of them, that are made of chalk white sand, crystal blue water, and incredible empty beaches. This is a favorite spot for celebrities, as there are so many beaches that they are never crowded and often are “footprint free.” A fun aspect of the Exuma Cays are the swimming pigs. Somehow these pigs ended up on Major’s Spot Cay, and they are known to swim out to boats, expecting to be fed.

Port Lucaya Marketplace


If you feel like a Bahamas shopping experience, try Port Lucaya. It’s about ten acres of shopping, dining and entertainment. From clothing to jewelry to hats to bags, this place will keep you occupied for hours. It’s a great place to take your kids, with ice cream and fun entertainment.

The Dolphin Experience

This activity is for the whole family. The best thing about the Dolphin Experience is that the animals are treated with care and operate under the BEACH initiative, or the Bahamas Education Association for Cetacean Health. The health and well-being of the dolphins is the main priority. Visitors can swim and interact with the bottleneck dolphins in a large lagoon setting. It’s a popular and highly rated activity.


Bimini is very close to the United States, about 50 miles. It consists of two larger islands and has an interesting history. Celebrities often go to Bimini because it’s a beautiful paradise that’s only a short plane or boat ride away. Iconic figures like Martin Luther King, Jimmy Buffet and Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of time on Bimini. True to the Bahamas reputation, Bimini boasts soft white sand and turquoise colored water.

Christ Church Cathedral

This cathedral is an incredible historic Anglican church in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It was originally built in 1754 and is made of cut stone, locally quarried, and has a painful past. Several of the original buildings were destroyed repeatedly by the Spaniards and re-built by the people of the colony. It’s a free and amazing historical experience for the family to enjoy.